The blues 1000 pcs.

  • The blues 1000 pcs.

    Units: 1000 pcs.
    Assembled size: 68 x 48 cm
    Box size: 33.3x23.3x4.7 cm
    Material: cardboard
    Weight: 0.75 kg 

    •   Strong connections

    Don't worry about assembled sections falling apart when you move them around! As the pieces connect together tightly and uniformly, the sections will stay in one piece. 

    •   Matte finish

    Any disturbing reflections are eliminated by the smooth, matte, anti-glare surface that coats the puzzle. 

    •   Silky touch

    Assembling the puzzle brings a tactile experience, too! The silky pieces are very soft to touch, making you want to run your hand all over the puzzle! 

    •   Uniformity

    Once completed, the pieces blend seamlessly, giving the puzzle a whole image look more than a puzzle look. The flat pieces create a uniform fitting.