The light and stable outdoor easel is made of metal. It is perfect for work at home and outdoors. The maximum working height of up to 150 cm will allow you to display your work properly. Adjustable, three-segment legs will ensure proper easel placement depending on your needs. Legs with special non-slip elements and have an additional intermediate lock that provides stability in all conditions. The adjustable depth of the easel will allow you to place a picture or other work up to 3 cm thick. The set also comes with a cover that protects it from damage and makes it easier to carry.

    Product features:

    • Brand new, high quality product.
    • Height adjustment allows you to work outdoors without bending over.
    • Three segmented adjustable legs ensure precise easel height adjustment. Adjustable picture holder height - can be adjusted according to the height and thickness of the picture with one movement of the clamp.
    • The legs are finished with self-leveling, non-slip elements, so that it can be placed even on uneven surfaces.
    • Adjustable spring pressure allows safe adjustment of picture frames up to 3 cm thick.
    • Has a lock between the legs, so it can be placed in difficult conditions in a small area.
    • Comes with a cover that protects the easel and makes it easy to carry.

    Specifications (dimensions):

    • Material: iron;
    • Minimum working height of the easel: 50 cm
    • Maximum working height of the easel: 150 cm
    • Maximum picture height: 83 cm
    • Minimum photo height, image: 12 cm
    • Stand length: 45.5 cm
    • Length of the folded easel: 55 cm
    • Width of the folded easel: 8 cm
    • Height of the folded easel: 8 cm
    • Band/frame width: 3 cm
    • Black color