• 1. What is painting by numbers?

    Painting by numbers is a canvas on a wooden support, on which a drawing with numbered fragments is placed. Each of them must be painted with paint with the same number.

    You will receive a picture that you can give as a gift or hang in your home.

    2. What is a diamond mosaic

    Diamond mosaic is a type of creativity in which a picture is laid out with multi-colored square stones on an adhesive base. The result is a bright, beautiful and unusual picture, as if painted on canvas.

    3. Can I get an item that is sold out?

    If it is still being produced, sure. We can order the product you want from the manufacturer and you will not have to wait for the product to be replenished. Delivery would be 7-10 days.

    4. Can I return the goods?

    Of course! See "Return conditions" at the bottom of the page

    5. Can I return an item that was custom made from a photo I sent?

    Goods made to individual order and measurements cannot be returned.