About us

  • INTRAVERTAS is an e-shop where you can find the best of entertainment and leisure products. We are
    continuously enlarging a portfolio of goods.

    WHY choose us:

    1. High quality products.
    2. Best prices.
    3. Great customer service.

    Individual approach to each customer is our main tool how to satisfy his needs. Happiness of clients is for us key
    success indicator. We are constantly improving all the procedures and processes to make people come back to
    our web site.

    Our goal is to create a store that caters to everyone's interests and hobbies, providing a wide variety of high-
    quality products that allow our customers to discover new and exciting pastimes. We want to offer a place where
    people can escape from their daily routines and find joy and fulfillment in pursuing their passions. Whether you're
    looking to try something new or want to deepen your existing interests, we aim to provide a diverse range of
    options that inspire and delight.